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This section is just some short conversations or some long ones of people that I clowned on or messed with.  Most are funny!!!


02.18.00-- This is some guy whos friend told him to IM me, I guess his friend thought i didnt know what I was tlaking about when it came to cars or something.  Anyways so this guy IMs me asking me like 3.8 million questions.  All of which I answered with no problem.  You will even see how he would ask me questions and I would give him an answer then he would tell he I am wrong.  Heh like he knows whats on my car.   Anyways check it out its funny.  If you know about cars.



01.20.00--This one is a girl I messed with, I was reading everything she typed as she was talking to her friend and I saw the words "TEACHER ACCOUNT"  Well so I took it upon myself to send her a chat window (kinda like an instant messege but not thru AOL or anything) This one is in TEXT format cause its long and  VERY funny, and I didnt want to make another page for them. The first part is me and her talking. The second part is everything she was saying to me and to her friends, basically everything she typed on her computer. Here are a few short snippets of the convo.

She said this part to her friend after I started talking to her and making stuff up. (it says AMERICAN ONLINE cause thats what she was using to talk to people, in other words she was in the AOL window talking on IM's)

America Online
i have a question-i was talking to a friend over instant messeging when a small window popped up on the screen saying that accessing teachers accounts was illegal, in regards to something i said to my friend. He had misunderstood my meaning, but continued to read my conversation. He says he works for Nextel security-i was wondering if there was any validity in what he is doing.

Then I told her I was a friend of someone she was talking to.

America Online
yeah don't have a friend messing w/me do you?   

Then I started playing with her computer

America Online
okay, my cd drive has opened like 3 times now, i don't know if anybody can make that happen

So anyways feel free to check out both texts, they are both extremely funny, and its always funny see how scared you can make someone.

[Part 1][Part 2]

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