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These are just some pages I go to, or that I use for different things, check em out, they are all pretty tight. Lates

Ducts Page- Will just recently turned his page into a Underground Hip Hop site.  Go check it out, he likes the same stuff I do as far as music goes.   Its all tight.  Anyways click his banners and suspport the cause.

Kyles Page- Heh this is Kyles page.   I dont know why he made it but I guess its about as useful as my page.

Mobile Dymanics-  This is the web page of the school I am going to be attending Feb. and Mar. or 2000. 

Alladvantage-  Alladvantage is a company that pays you to surf the web its VERY simple and who cant use the extra money?

Rice Boy Page- This page is just plain funny as hell.  You gotta see it, all this guy does is clown on IMPORT cars.

NorthWest Street Racing-  This site is all about Street Racing int he northwest look for my site to turn towards the same topic.

Street Racing-  This is a site all about Street Racing which is a thing I love to do.  There is a website just for NorthWest Street Racing but its not loading right at this time when it is I will change this link.

RAWKUS Web Design- This is the page for the Web Design company that me and two friends are starting.  Check it out we will have affordable packages to suit all your needs. 


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