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Welcome to my page.  It doesnt have much of a purpous, but most people still like it.   Anyways, go look around sign my guestbook and tell me what you think.   Lates!!! - kangol



02.16.00-- Well lets see here I dont have sponsors so you cant click em.  I added some links to the LINKZ section.  I added an extra little thing for the JAMTART of the week.   RAWKUS Web Design has a page now you can find that in the RAWKUS section.  I am still working on the RAWKUS car club part so thats not quite done.  I fixed the problem with the Contact section too.   And of course I updated the news section for all of you that actually care whats going on with me.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign the guestbook, and tell me what you think. THANX -kangol           OH yeah I almost forgot I am gonna be kinda redoing some stuff on my page such as the layout and color scheme.

01.20.00-- Well as you can see my new and updated page is finally being posted.  Most of it will be up in the next few days.  Feel free to look around, but dont forget to click my sponsors and sign my guestbook. lates.- kangol


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