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When I was 15 my dad and I went searching for a car.  All I was looking for a was a 1st generation Camaro.  We looked and looked and then looked some more but couldn't quite find what I was looking for.  We went and rove lots of Camaros but everything that we found was already finished and I wanted a car I could build the way I wanted it.  So after a few months of car searching I got kinda down and gave up, but one day when I was REALLY REALLY bored waiting somewhere, and I saw it, in the classified section of the Seattle Times was a brief description of a 69 Pontiac Firebird.  So when I got home I called up the phone number that was listed with the ad.   After a day or two of phone tag I finally arranged a meeting.   When we got there it was nowhere to be seen, so we waited and then waited some more.....then........I heard a sound, I thought to myself I know that sound, its the sound of some good ol American muscle.  I tried to get a visual on the car but couldn't quite get a bearing on the sound.  I looked over my left shoulder then over my right, the sound was getting increasingly louder, out of the corner of my eye I spot a white car slowly moving towards us, with a quick twist of my neck I turn to see the most badass of all cars......the 1969 Pontiac Firebird.  I was awe struck when I saw it.  The same body lines as a Camaro but yet a slightly meaner appearance.  I was exactly what I was looking for in a car.  I walked around the car checking out the body while my dad introduced himself to the soon to be ex-owner (I hoped).  While the body wasn't in the best condition it was exactly what I was looking for, a car with "BALLS", that needed minor body work and paint, had little rust, and a decent interior.  After giving the car about a half hour of inspection, everything from the chassis the under the dash to the motor mounts.  I hadn't really noticed but my dad and the owner of the car were just staring at me for about the last 15 minutes.  So we decided to go for a test drive.  After climbing in the car and latching on the racing harness' my dad driving me riding shotty and the owner in the back we were off on the open road my dad immediately got on the freeway and went into questioning the owner about the car.  He told us it was the original rebuilt Pontiac 350, 2 barrel, and 265 hp under the hood.   Running the original, rebuilt of course, Muncie 4-spd (M-22 close ratio) with Hurst linkage and shifter.  Although the car didn't have posi-traction it did sport a good solid set of 4.11 gears.  After driving around for awhile and my dad had fun living up his old days of Muscle Cars, we headed back to where I had first saw this fine piece of work.  We talked for a bit and decided to buy the Firebird.  My dad paid $2,500 cash for the car and told the man we would pick it up, and have the title changed the next nite.  Well of course we got the car and I immediately went to work on it.   

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