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[My pics]

These are just some pics of my car's and stuff.  Maybe I will post some of me and friends, stuff like that.  I dunno check back soon though.  I am sorry this pic is so messed up there was soemthing wrong with the scanner I was using so there a bunch of lines in it.

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    This pic of my car was taken in Olympia, Washington right by Capitol Lake, at a car show.  The pic of my engine was taken at my friends house, a couple days after I got my new rims and tires.  I got WELD PRO STARS (shown below) 15x8 for the rear and 15x6 for the front.  For tires I have TOYO PROXES ST's in 295/50/15's in the rear and and 185/65/15's in the front.  Over all I have about 11.5 inches of tread in the rear and about 6 in the front.  The engine in this picture, is what is in my car now, but not for long.  The engine is a .060 over 400. With TRW pistons, stock rods, stock crank.  The heads are casting number 62's, with minor porting and stock size (2.11-1.77) Farrera valves. Comp Cams 1.6 roller rockers, Erson 292, .501 lift cam.  Edelbrock Performer intake and reworked Q-Jet 800 carb.   Other add on's are the Ram Air IV fan, MSD 6A-L, Hi performance HEI, Accel 8.8 Race Wires

    The Tranny is a TH-400, with a Cheetah full manual valve body.   The shifter with a B&M Pro Ratchet.  It has a B&M 2700 stall converter.  The custom aluminum driveline is was made by Aukeen here in Washington.   The read end is a Richmond 4.11 gears, with Moesher Axles.  I got a set of Lakewood traction bars to TRY to hold the tires to the ground. 

    All the body work, engine work, and interior were done by me.  I will get more pics up ASAP.  I am debating, whether or not to put my new straight out race engine in or turn this into a street sleeper.  After reading the March 2000 issue of Muscle Car Review and seeing the article "The Edge" I am very very interested in the 11 second sleepers.  My car currently has a best E.T. of 12.18 @ 118, but hopefully that will all change.  Below is a picture of my old 350, and my Wheels.350.jpg (197610 bytes)WELD_PROSTAR96S.JPG (25274 bytes)


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