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Here is a list of the stereo equipment that I have in my '69 Pontiac Firebird.

-In Cab-
Deck:  Eclipse 5331 CD Player
Components: Eclipse 8052 5 1/4's and 3/4 in. tweets w/Eclipse Crossover
Back: Eclipse 8392 6x9's
Other: Eclipse 8002 TWT 3/4 in tweets in the dash, Eclipse 2301 EQ, Audio Control Epicenter, doors, floorboards, roof, all covered in Noise Killer Blue.

-In Trunk-
Subs: 3 MTX 7000 Series 10's in a custom sealed enclosure.
Amps: 2 MTX 4320's (560 watts each) 1 MTX 4160.
Accessories: 2 Stinger STIFF1.5 full farad capacitors.  Optima Yellow Top Deep cycle battery.  All connections, are gold, all wiring with the exception of the RCA's are MTX.  The RCA's are Rockford Fosgate White Wolfs. 

All custom valanced into trunk, with full amp rack and under neon. Hopefully I didnt leave anything out but I will get some pics for you all to see.  I will post them ASAP and also put up a diagram of how my system is setup.


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