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This section is just to let everyone know whats going on in my life.  Its usually about a paragraph a day, or at least everytime I update.


02.16.00-- Well everyone, I guess HAPPY LATE VALENTINES DAY.  A good thing happened to me that day, if youknow me then you know what it is, if you know me and dont know then ask me.   Anyways soo umm I am starting to work on my Firebird more again.  I am gonna be doing lots of good things with it here soon so check back to see the pics.  Hmm damn I guess another boring month for me.  Oh well I guess.  Umm I dunno I guess thats it for now.  Well I am gonna go, bye.

01.20.00-- Well everyone how is it going?  I dont really have much to say.  Umm, I moved out of my apartment that I was in with two of my friends.  There were a number of reasons for moving out, but the main one was hte fact that I am a neat freak and they were/are total slobs.  I would spend hours upon hours cleaning only to have them come home and make a mess.  So I moved out and an now getting a place with two of my friends right on a golf course.  I guess that is about it for now I guess I have been living a pretty boring month or so. Well gotta go! lates. -kangol

12.26.99-- Well hello everyone and Merry X-mas.  Hopefully you all had a good X-mas.  My X-mas was ok I guess.  I went to my brothers house up in North Bend, and spent X-mas eve there with most of my family.  Then X-mas day I went up to my parents house and spent part of the day.  Then spend the rest of the day with my bebe girl ANDREA.  I love you hun!!! So it was all ok.  Anyways I have got some bad news for you all.   I have lied to you, not on purpose though.  On the 9th I told you all I was going to start working at the FOSS Car Audio in Federal Way, Washington as an installer.   Well things didnt exactly work out like that, the Federal Way store wanted me, but the Tacoma store had first choice and picked me.  So now I work at the Tacoma FOSS car Audio instead.  which isnt bad at all, there is more money and more custom work to do, which is my specialty.  Anyways soon I will have pictures of my work in one of the sections here on my page, maybe the upcoming picture section, so check back.    And also I dont know if I had told you all this already but about 3 and a half months ago some idiot backed into my car.  He screwed up the hood, the hood hinges, the grill, the bumper, and this piece that goes around where the headlights are.   Anyways you can read more about that in the FIREBIRD section, there are also some pictures of it in there.  Well I guess thats about all for right now.


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